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An entirely new kind of shoe. The Hatchbacks brand was born from the frustration of a new parent struggling to put a pair of shoes on the foot of a toddler. Hatchbacks developed and patented a hinged shoe that opened from the back to make it easy to fit a toddler with shoes.

For two years, Hatchbacks produced toddler shoes that were sold through JCPenney, AAFES Stores, and various other retail outlets. Something quite unexpected happened along the way to building a space in the toddler shoe market. Requests for a shoe designed specifically for AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics). Hundreds of requests. Letters, emails, and phone calls from all over.

We didn't know what an AFO was so parents and PT's partnered with us to specifically develop a shoe utilizing our patented "Easy Fit" System for use with AFOs. We received sample AFOs, pictures, faxes and more phone calls.

Responding to the needs of this special community, Hatchbacks developed a new line of shoes called the "Elites". These shoes incorporate our unique "Easy Fit" system, are 4E wide at the toe and have the extra girth around the ankle to accommodate AFOs. We added features to aid in producing a more natural walking gait like a gently curved sole and the use of lightweight synthetic materials in some of our sneaker and Mary Jane shoes.

At Hatchbacks, our focus is to respond to your needs by continual development of innovative footwear. We encourage you to connect with us and to keep sending us your suggestions.

For more information, please call us at 800 936-0511 or use our contact form to send us an email. Include either your phone number or an email address if you would like a response.