Hatchbacks Eclipse Kids Shoe : Gray /Lime Green (Size 7 only)

Hatchbacks Eclipse Kids Shoe : Gray /Lime Green (Size 7 only)

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Hatchbacks Eclipse Children's Orthopedic Shoe

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    wish I had found sooner

    Posted by Cindy Fishell on 13th Apr 2018

    Love them makes our morning routine so much faster and smoother. Wish I had found these sooner

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    Great shoe

    Posted by Jenaly Cumberbatch on 3rd Apr 2018

    I had so many problems with the aspire strap returned them twice and the eclipse was suggested. It worked great. The straps fit and I love that Hatchbacks’s give you style and color options for all their sneakers.

    Must mention the customer service was excellent. Haley was an Angel and helped me along the way with everything!

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    Great for our AFOs

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2018

    These are the easiest shoes to put on over our sons AFOs. Wide enough he is close to being able to get them on himself!

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    Only shoes that fit

    Posted by Amber on 23rd Feb 2018

    My son wears AFO&#039;s from Midwest Orthotics and Hatchbacks are the only ones that fit over my babies braces. I did have to cut the tongue out of the shoe though that was my only reason for four stars instead of five. I would also rather have more design options.

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    more comfortable than Suresteps.

    Posted by Stef on 12th Feb 2018

    My kid no longer cries when he sees me get his orthotics out! These are definitely more comfortable. I took a star away for two reasons. 1) they are twice as much as the competition if you include shipping. Ouch. 2) they dont flex apart quite as much as the picture makes it seem. That said, they still offer much more space than the others for these crazy wide hinged orthotics we have. It is also worth noting thedr move more like normal shoes, with some tilting side to sife and rolling front to back, as opposed to the very flat sole of the Suresteps (they are almost like a platform). So that part depends on your ability to control that movement.

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    A must have for AFO&#039;s

    Posted by Ashley Bair on 22nd Jan 2018

    These shoes fit great! And they&#039;re cute too. They&#039;re bulky, but how could they not be to fit over those horribly huge braces? My son has had AFO&#039;s for a year now and the first pair we might regular shoes from Payless and it was such a pain to get the brace in the shoes; the velcro wouldn&#039;t stay shut, they were 3 sizes too big, and they would fall off all the time leaving my son stranded because of how slippery the brace is without a shoe. We didn&#039;t want to pay the money but we&#039;re glad we did because these are the right size, the shoe slides in easily, and the velcro stays shut.

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    Moms best friend!

    Posted by kayla on 17th Jan 2018

    Afo’s (leg braces) have been extremely difficult to get on my 14 month old. Our sweet boy was born at 28 weeks and before he was 1 he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Shortly after his physical therapist recommended the braces to assist him in attempting to stand/walk. The first week we had his braces I cried daily. Trying to get them on a very stubborn boy was hard but then trying to find shoes that fit over them seemed impossible. We ended up buying about 7 different pairs of shoes and all of them were at least 3 sizes to big. Finally someone mentioned hatchbacks. I was reluctant to pay for them and have them come in the mail. Finally after Christmas and many many tears I decided we had to give them a try. We have had them for a week and I haven’t cried once! They are perfect! If you are reluctant to purchase I promise you won’t be disappointed! Being a parent of a special needs child is difficult. If you can take a little bit of stress of yourself you should do it! Hatchbacks took that little bit of stress out of our lives and we couldn’t be happier! We are forever customers!!!!

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    Saves the day again!

    Posted by smithmichelle28@yahoo.com on 20th Nov 2017

    Just received a new pair of Hatchbacks. No returns necessary; they fit perfectly. I love that as soon as new AFOs arrive, I can measure them and use Hatchbacks’ sizing chart to order new shoes with confidence. The new lime green accent color on the gray shoe looks great!

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    Great Shoe dor AFO, but soles wore out

    Posted by Mysi DeSantis on 9th Aug 2017

    This is a grest shoe for my son who wears an AFO on his right foot. He is able to get the shoes on and off independently, which is a big deal. He does have to wear an insert in the left foot to accommodate the larger fit of the shoe. But that is not a problem.

    The soles did wear out after 6 months on two pairs. They got holes in the bottom and he wasn&#039;t able to wear them any more. Even though he still fit in the ahoe and othwise could have wore the shoe longer. He does tend to wear shoes out, because of his afo and the way he walks. So I did buy another pair, because he can be independent whule wearing them. Just wish they lasted longer.

    These are also great because they are pretty water resistant.

    Would be great if there was a waterproof hiking boot type.

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