Hatchbacks Eclipse Kids Shoe : Gray /Lime Green (Size 8 only)

Hatchbacks Eclipse Kids Shoe : Gray /Lime Green (Size 8 only)

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Hatchbacks Eclipse Children's Orthopedic Shoe

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    Great fit

    Posted by vic Zander on 14th Jul 2017

    We have been looking for shoes for out daughter for a very long time that would be wide enough yet also have room vertically since her feet are thicker. This shoe fits the bill! Only wish they had real leather and more adult looking shoes as her size is a 2-3 and she is 28!!!!! Thanks for making these shoes! One of my students had a pair that is how we found out about them. I am definitely telling people about these!

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    Lots of Promises, Little Delivery

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2017

    At first, these seemed like the ideal shoe for my son; easy to put on, well-made, and durable!

    One out of three ain&#039;t bad. They ARE easy to u ton, but even then very difficult to &#039;cinch up&#039; to get a snug fit. Reason being that as they open on four sides, the shoe essentially becomes a wet pancake you mold around your child&#039;s AFO and hope to Dickens the Velcro holds. It doesn&#039;t.

    The stitching has come loose, leaning the tongue of the shoe is separating from the body, and cleanly so.

    Leather &#039;leather&#039; is patent leather -- very flimsy, stiff, prone to cracking. I&#039;ve got an active six-year-old who wears AFOs -- these do not stand up to the punishment a six-year-old can dish out.

    I am not returning them after three and ahalf weeks of use because I know I will get offered a replacement pair, which I do not want.

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    Life Savers!!

    Posted by Ariel on 19th May 2017

    My son needed new Hatchbacks and I ordered them and I was amazed how fast they got to me! He absolutely loves them! And i love how they look like normal kids shoes! My son gave me a big hug and said thank you!! Thank you so much Hatchback!!!

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    great shoes

    Posted by beancountr76@gmail.com on 11th May 2017

    We decided to try these shoes because we have a hard time finding shoes for use with my son&#039;s AFO&#039;s with SMO inserts. While these shoes are big and bulky, they fit great and are easy to put on him. My only issues is that these are extremely gently used and the seams already have loose strings. Shoes for this price shouldn&#039;t start falling apart anywhere new this soon!

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    Great shoes for AFOs

    Posted by Brooke on 10th May 2017

    My son is on his 2nd pair of hatchbacks and we love them. Before we found these shoes it was a nightmare getting his shoes on over his AFOs, finding a shoe wide enough to fit but not too long was only half the battle, they would be uncomfortable and he wouldn&#039;t want to wear them. After finding the hatchbacks he loves to wear his shoes and his AFOs asks for them every morning. I will never go back to just finding a shoe that somewhat works. I just wish there was more options for boys shoes and maybe some rubber on the toe, the way my son walks in his walker he scuffs the toe up pretty fast.

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    Great idea for AFOs

    Posted by Cheriann Moscatello on 19th Apr 2017

    Its so much easier to put my sons shoes on with hatchbacks. They are very well made and look great.

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    My son hasn&#039;t complained

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2016

    These shoes have been wonderful for my son. He used to complain of pain on his legs and would constantly want to take off his shoes. His other shoes were from another brand and they felt heavier also. He can keep his shoes now almost all day without complaining. Thank you hatchbacks for making such a great product. I hope you guys can make bigger sizes as my child is wearing your last size available.

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    not for afo shoes!

    Posted by Carol on 24th Dec 2016

    I have bought several pairs of shoes here and never had a problem until recently this last pair I bought my son&#039;s feet won&#039;t even fit through the top of the shoe with the afo in place... I even ordered a size up to try and avoid fitting all his toes under the flap.... now I&#039;m stuck with the pair of brand new shoes that will never fit my son

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    AFO eases in to shoe. Best shoe for that we&#039;ve had so far

    Posted by Val on 11th Nov 2016

    My little guy drags his foot and in less than a week, he&#039;s working on a hole in the toe. Having an option with rubber up around the toe, might make a huge difference to some families. Otherwise, these shoes have made getting dressed for my little guy so much easier. It&#039;s nice to not have that argument every morning.

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